Our focus is on finance, not accounting applications. Backward-looking accounting tools - used for bookkeeping, auditing, or taxation - are available as packaged software or online from many vendors. Forward-looking finance tools on the other hand - used for investment analysis, resource allocation, or pricing decisions - are usually created from scratch for each analysis individually.

The quality of the financial analysis varies then based on the know-how and experience of the person creating the analysis. The analysis approach may then not be standardized around corporate finance principles. And some more advanced analysis techniques such as Monte Carlo simulation may not even be considered.

FinanceIsland is addressing these limitations and shortcomings. Here, businesses can count on easy-to-use financial analysis tools that are grounded in corporate finance concepts. Our tools are supported through guided and simplified analysis processes. These tools help decision makers to make capital investment, resource allocation, pricing, and inventory decisions with more certainty.

The tools offered here, at financeisland.com, are delivered to you online as a service. While designing them, we focus on intuitive user interface with functionalities expected from traditional desktop applications. The browser-based delivery allows you to always use the most recent version of the tools and you will instantly benefit from new features we add on a regular basis. These tools can also be set up on your company's intranet with the same benefits of online applications.


FinanceIsland Inc was founded in Portland, OR, USA in early 2000. While working as financial analysts at a high-tech company, we had a need for an investment analysis tool with Monte Carlo simulation. But we couldn't find any software vendor offering such tools based on corporate finance concepts, not even basic ones. Hence, we had to develop the tool from scratch, but realized that other companies may have similar needs. The idea for FinanceIsland was born.

When we started nobody had heard of software-as-a-service, cloud computing had not confused anybody yet, and the Web didn't need any numbering. However, our approach to provide intuitive online applications was limited by the web technologies available then. Because of that and also due to other professional and personal reasons FinanceIsland was brought to a halt two years later.

FinanceIsland has been back in business since 2008. With the current technologies of Web 2.0 we can now build the online applications we have envisioned. Don't expect though rounded corners or black backgrounds anytime soon. Our focus is on substance, not form.

For more information about FinanceIsland, please contact us at info@financeisland.com.